Monday, June 1, 2009

It's a lovely day...

...actually been a lovely week. It's almost like we've had Summer weather early.

On today's agenda: finishing the laundry, putting the weekend stuff away and reading on the porch, before it gets to hot! Got a lot of business and personal reading I need to catch up on. I've been sipping on homemade fruit tea, this one made of Mango juice that is so thick that I had to cut it down with something, and my Princess Gray tea, an Earl Gray tea with Rose petals and lavender buds, had so much caffeine I had to cut it with something. The two marry well together. Later today I'll be making Lavender lemonade. Looking forward to that cold treat! I know I need to figure out dinner but nothing is coming to mind, and I really don't want to turn on the oven to make the Chicken lasagna I've been wanting to try... maybe just a simple pasta dish...

Chris and I did the Happy dance this morning, I received notice that I have passed the "Apprentice level one" in the the Dream Interpretation course and have been assigned the Level 2 assignments. When I attempted the course over a year ago, I was hitting walls every time I pulled up a dream. This time around I've passed the first level in a week. Timing is everything!
Today's picture was taken last week when I toured Valerie's garden.

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