Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another winner:

Left the oven off last night and decided to make Paula Dean's The Lady and son's chicken fingers. Fairly simple, sprinkle with her House seasoning mix, dredge in flour, dip in buttermilk then dredge in flour again. I used the deep fryer to cook them but I suppose you could also bake them. I served them on a bed of greens with Ranch dressing drizzled on top. Chris really liked them. After tasting the first batch, I adjusted the seasoning mixture as it was way to salty. Below is my version of Paul Dean's House seasoning:
3/4 cup Sea salt
1/2 cup Ground pepper
1/2 cup Garlic powder

Today I've been working on my Etsy store. I'll be uploading my photo journal note cards and I've finally made the difficult decision to let go of my rubber stamp collection and will be posting those in my store as well. I've taken the day easy as I woke up with a monster headache that has refused to go away... luckily I'm more insistent than it is!

With today's heat, 80', we're BBQing - found some Buffalo steaks on sale at the store, corn on the cob and fresh grilled asparagus. Also picked up all the fixings for carrot raisin muffins and Betsey's granola, but I'll wait till the weather cools before turning on the oven.


Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Thanks for linking up to the recipe fun. It's great to see you at Tasty Tuesday. Don't worry about adding in any Mr. linky widget - not necessary. For next week, you just put a little something at the end of the post like.."for more fun recipes see Balancing Beauty and Bedlam(w/link)" (or whatever you want to say. :)

Robin said...

Looks amazing. I've been thinking about grilling asparagus ... maybe I'll try it now!
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