Friday, June 24, 2011

So… how tough would It be to give away $30 Mill???

We watched Brewster’s Millions a few weeks ago, and the movie made me think about what it would take to give away that much money with the restrictions he had. 

First of all, I was ticked that he didn’t have a plan, and didn’t confide in people to the extent he was able to confide. So, I reasoned the first thing I would do would be to surround myself with advisors that knew my mission and were dedicated to helping me to achieve my mission in the most effective and efficient way possible. Then, together we would create a comprehensive plan to give away the money. 

You’ve heard me speak of my spider plant, the offspring are multiplying at such a rate that I am at a loss as how to give them all away. In some ways this spider plant reminds me of the rash bets that Brewster made, expecting them to fail, they succeeded, multiplied and paid amazing dividends.  And like Brewster, I’m having a difficult time dispersing my wealth. Strange though it is, my spider plant is teaching me the same lesson Brewster learned – it’s difficult to give away wealth.

So, I’m opening the question up to you – how do I share the wealth of my spider plants? All suggestions will receive; you guessed it, a spider plant start! That is, assuming you live in the Continental US and that your State allows plants from another state, I know Cali doesn’t – but I’ll still accept your ideas!

Monday, January 31, 2011


Sorry I've been gone for so long... been a little busy this year! Head on over to my author blog for the details on how you can win a signed copy of Skinnydipping, Book One of the Destiny Series.

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