Saturday, June 20, 2009

How I am reminded my husband loves me...

Earlier this week I had a bad day... a really bad day. A dark cloud hung over my head and was mirrored on my face. It was not a good day. Knowing that I like Pride and prejudice, and knowing that I needed a movie that would relax me, Chris put in Bride and prejudice, a Bollywood adaptation of P&P. Understand, he doesn't really like P&P but will watch it with me, but he doesn't like Bride and prejudice because of the dancing and singing Bollywood is famous for. Not only did he put it in for me, he sat and watched it with me. When I got up after the movie, the dark cloud was gone and I'd regained my equilibrium.

Another way that he shows me that he loves me is that he will take me for Mexican food. Not only does he not like Mexican food, it makes him physically sick. But, to show me that he loves me, he will take me out for Mexican. And in turn, I order the one thing on the menu that won't make him sick, and I give him all the rice, but keep all the beans and salsa for myself and off his plate.

He does many other things that tell me, that remind me, that he loves me. He cooks me breakfast, and makes my eggs just the way I like them. He takes me to places, not because he likes to travel, but because I like to travel. He gets me the right camera equipment, not because I'm particular about what I use, but I tell him the type of shots I want to take and he makes sure I have the right equipment. And in turn, I let him research and buy what he wants because he likes to research and get a good deal on what he likes.

So much of our lives are like this, complementing each others gifts, talents and abilities. And this complimenting is reflected in the little ways we show the other our love. In what ways do you wordlessly express your love and appreciation for your spouse or friend? Please share...

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