Monday, June 15, 2009

5 people I'd like to meet.... part 3

So I listed the real people past or present I'd like to meet on Saturday and the fictional people I'd like to meet in yesterdays blog. Today I'll tackle the Biblical people I'd like to meet, most of them have characteristics that I desire to develop in my life - watch for a related post called Flavor later in the week:
  • Solomon - I would love to have the wisdom and wealth the Lord gave him, only of his early years as king of Israel. I would love to be a part of all his dealings with the Queen of Sheba. The conversations they must have had...
  • Joshua - He chose to stay in the Tabernacle while Moses delivered God's words to the people. I would love to have that characteristic so deeply ingrained in my life.
  • Caleb - Faithful when he entered the land for the first time and faithful when he reminded Joshua what he had been promised because of his faithfulness. Faithful in conquering all that he was given. His strength didn't diminish for over 40 years...
  • Moses - He was called a friend of God. I want that...
  • Ester - She won the heart of a king. She saved her people. A woman of beauty, grace and wisdom.
  • Daniel - He served under four kings, sometimes as the #2 guy in the land, all while in captivity. He held no bitterness because he knew God was in control. He looked forward to Gods promises and in the times of obscurity he pushed towards them.
  • Joseph - he was a dreamer and an interpreter of dreams. He was trustworthy and a good Steward. I want these characteristics built up in my life.
  • David - He was a worshiper, I want that level and passion in my life...
I know there are others, but as I've been reading the OT lately, these came readily to mind. I hope the last few days have been thought provoking for you. I would love to hear the people you'd like to meet!

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Robin said...

Oh this is good!!! I'd so love to meet Solomon too!

I'm sorry to use comments to do this Yvonne...but you emailed me your address so I could send you a pair of my little bird magnets and I printed it out and poof it's gone! I can't find it anywhere!~ So the little birds are tucked away in an envelope awaiting their new home and I don't have your address to send them! I'm so sorry, could you email me at with your address (again) so I can send them out to you!?
Again...sooooo sorry~
Hugs Robin
All Things Heart and Home

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your "5 People I'd Like to Meet" series.
It really got me thinking. I'd have a long list for each category as well. At this late hour, I don't think I should go into it. But I will another time. Thank you for sharing from your beautiful heart and mind. :o) *hugs*

Sophia said...

I don't know why my comment showed up anonymous. I'll try this again. If it does it again, it's me, Sophia. :o)