Wednesday, April 30, 2008

27 dresses

Have you seen the movie? Enjoyable, cute. I know that's the kiss of death review for a guy but my husband enjoyed the movie as well.

The story revolves around Jane, who's been a brides maid 27 times, but never the bride. The movie ends with her getting married, sorry for ruining the ending for you, but there are 2 scenes that stood out to me, both at her wedding. The first is when her husband to be, Kevin, sees her walk down the aisle, and his face lights up when he sees her. Don't know about you, but that's the moment I watch for at a wedding; how the groom reacts to seeing his intended as she come down the aisle. That expression tells me much about their future together, and that scene caused Chris and I revisit our wedding day. I remember the look in his eyes and he remembers me being excited to be with him. Both those emotions are still evident today, 19 years later. Like Jane, I needed a strong personality to balance me, to keep me pointed in the right direction and to encourage me. At the alter, Kevin asks her if this moment is all that she dreamed it would be. She answers "No. it's more, so much more." I can relate to that, I even resemble that thought. I could have never imagined who or what I needed in a husband, but thankfully God is in the details.When we got married I had no idea where we'd be today or what we would have come through, together. Chris, and marriage have been more than I ever dreamed it would or could be.

The second scene that caught my eye is when the camera pans back from the wedding and all the brides she's been there for are there for her, in the dresses that they chose for her to wear on their day. This month we were invited to attend the wedding of a friend who lived with us for almost a year after a nasty divorce. We haven't seen each other much over the last few years, but when it came time to have the people important to him celebrate, he called us. Yesterday, we got a call from another friend who is getting married early next month. Like the first friend, he also went through a nasty divorce, and even though we haven't seen him for a few years, he's asked us to come celebrate with them. Like the brides that show up for Jane's wedding, we are honored by these requests, to know that people we've shared life with, desire that we celebrate this phase of life with them. Hearing from both these guys out of the blue, and being honored by them to come and help them celebrate has caused me to think of all the people that have moved in and out of our lives. Those we've lost touch with and those we see regularly. Each one is a part of my life, a part of the life that is ChrisandYvonne. Each one has added to the tapestry of who we are and where we've been and well as where we're going.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just Do It.

I’m finding there is great freedom in just doing something. In accomplishing something. In checking something off on my “to do list”. But it took leaving corporate America for me to learn how to just do it, I should say begin to learn how to just do it. Yes I accomplished much while I was in corporate America, but that also meant I had to meet deadlines, had to answer to someone else’s sense of importance, someone else’s rhythms. Have I figured it all out? No. Will I stumble and make mistakes, even fail? Maybe. But I’m learning, again and yet in a new way what it means to keep moving forward.

The view from my office: