Friday, June 5, 2009

Faith building Friday

Friday posts are turning into Faith building Friday’s. I’ll post something that is encouraging and faith building. Please feel free to share or forward your ideas with me.
This story about Faith Stringfellow the 2 legged dog was sent to me by Donna. I Can’t credit the original writer because it wasn’t noted,
but I did find Faith’s story and have included a video report by Daryn Kaygan.

Faith Stringfellow is an amazing little dog, with an even more amazing story. Faith suffered from a birth defect, she became a member of our family when she was just a three-week old puppy. My son Reuben (17) picked Faith out of a litter of puppies that his friend's dog had recently given birth to. Several of the puppies were deformed; a few had already died. The mother dog was actually trying to terminate Faith's life when Reuben lifted her weak body out from under the mother dog; he brought her home to me knowing I had a heart like a marshmallow.

Even though Faith has this defect we taught her to stand, hop, and eventually walk on her two back legs, like a human. She's been a great dog and we forget she's handicapped. You'll turn around and she's chasing the geese at the park, running, jumping, skipping, and acting like any other dog...well, any other dog with a nose reach of 40" from the ground! (Watch your plate, she'll clean it for you before you're ready to share.)

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Betsy said...

He is just the sweetest!