Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fly your freak flag!

While enjoying taco's in the sun with my friend yesterday, I realized just how much I loved being with someone who allowed me to be me... to express my uniqueness in the company of someone who allowed me to be me. In fact we had a discussion about the freedom to "fly our freak flags".

What is a freak flag you ask? So glad you asked that question! But to answer it we have to discuss the movie The family Stone. Here's what Yahoo movies has to say about the movie:

The Stones, a New England family, have their annual holiday gathering. The eldest son brings his girlfriend home to meet his parents, brothers and sisters. The bohemian Stones greet their visitor--a high-powered, controlling New Yorker--with a mix of awkwardness, confusion and hostility. Before the holiday is over, relationships will unravel while new ones are formed, secrets will be revealed, and the family Stone will come together through its extraordinary capacity for love.

What you need to know is that the New Yorker, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is told by one of the younger brothers that she has a freak flag, which she keeps hidden. He gives her permission to fly that inner freak flag, and to fly it proudly. It becomes life changing for her.

So the question is - are you flying your freak flag? Are you exploring, growing and loving the uniqueness that is you? Do you need permission to fly your freak flag? If so, I give you permission - fly your freak flag proudly. Discover who you are and what you are designed to do. Do it with abandonment, do it with pride, do it with joy... because no one can take the place of you!

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