Monday, October 12, 2009

Speed Racer

I loved Speed Racer as a kid. I think it was Speed's character, desire to do the right thing and sense of justice that attracted me. A couple of nights ago, Chris brought home Speed Racer the movie from the library. Not one of his favorites but he knows that I really like it, so he brought it home. Yes, I am a lucky girl! We watched it together and I was reminded again how much I like the movie. This afternoon I watched the final race scene again, and consciously realized why I like it so much, besides all those things previously mentioned.

In the final race scene, when Speed is in the cockpit and is getting ready, the flag has not yet fallen nor has the starting gun gone off, there is a montage of all of his enemies which subtly shifts to a montage of all of his supporters, all those who are for him. It struck me that this is what the Great Cloud of Witnesses must look like. There are those who are watching us that desire our downfall, some that even hate us, some that are looking to profit regardless of the impact on us. And then there are those who are for us. They love us, support us, challenge us, partner with us and stand by us. They are the ones cheering us on. They are the ones who's voices are loudest. And they are the ones who count.

My favorite segment is when he is stalled in the bowl, the Gray Ghost has just been flushed, literally and figuratively, and Speed is seemingly out of the race. Hearing/remembering his brothers words from many years ago, he listens with his heart to the car. Communing with it. Listening, feeling, sensing for what she needs so that they can get back in the race - because they aren't done yet. And then... he connects, the Mock 6 roars to life and he uses the place of his despair to catapult him, not only back into the race, but he gains momentum a renewed focus and determination. He is unstoppable. From this place of communion, not just with his car, but with every fiber of his being, moving in a way that everyone recognizes is special, and from that place, energized in a way that wouldn't have been possible without those trials, he goes on to win the race.

This is a picture to me of how we look when we have connected with the Holy Spirit. When we are moving not by instinct but far more than those words can convey. We know what to do and how to move before we need to. Time slows down, we are poetry in motion. We are unstoppable. This is the place I desire to live in moment to moment, not occasionally but in every action, word, thought and deed. Can you imagine how the races of our lives would look? I can. We'd be unstoppable.

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