Friday, October 23, 2009

So much can happen in just a week...

Last Friday at this time I was teaching The Art of Hearing God in Plains MT. The material itself is amazing. I really enjoy teaching every part of it, seeing peoples faces light up with understanding. Seeing the Spirit move in peoples lives. I enjoy the connection that happens when an intense experience is shared, a time where both parties are transparent, open and reaching to be the best that they can be as well as helping others to become the best that they can be. Possibilities and destiny collide in the atmosphere.

The material is intense, not just for the teachers, Rob has taught this 21 hour long class alone, but also for the students. The course impacts students on several levels - on the physical level there is a lot of sitting, and then you don't realize you haven't moved because you were focusing so hard that it's only when move that you realize how long it's been since you moved. In addition, your concentrating, hard, and there's a lot of writing as well, not just to fill in your workbook but these nuggets of truth just keep dropping from heaven. And you have to catch as many of them as possible.

On the Spiritual level, there is so much information being thrown at you, there is a reason we warn you at the beginning of the class that you will feel like you are drinking from a fire hose. None of the material is new, but the way that it is pieced together and the dots that are connected have the effect of a nuclear bomb going off in your Spirit. Things that never made sense before now make sense. New insights and questions arise. You alternately move from being pleased with where you're at to regretting your past mistakes, to realizing how far you need to go. And through it all there is no condemnation, only encouragement to become all that you were created to be.

In this atmosphere hopes are shared, fears are expressed and released, friends and family come to mind, change is in the air, caffeine is a requirement and staying late to soak up whatever you can is imperative. I don't know if that's a better description for me as the teacher or of the students... All I can say is that I walked out of my Art of Hearing God class a changed person, and that change has inspired me to become a teacher, to strive to be a living example of these materials and an encourager to those who are impacted in a similar way.

Are you bored with your life? Come, take the class... and hold on, it's a wild ride.

PS This picture was taken on our way East at Iron Horse monument just above Vantage WA.

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