Saturday, October 17, 2009


Chris and I found a new series that we have been enjoying. It ran for six years, 1996-2001, but we've only just been introduced. It's called Ballykissangel, named after the fictional village where it takes place. The name is Irish, "Baile Coisc Aingeal", meaning "The town of the fallen angel". We enjoy it because it gives us a glimpse of life in Ireland, I'm dying to go back, but it's also shown us a bit about ourselves.

There are two Priests involved in the story, at least in season one as that's all we've finished. Father Peter Clifford, an English Priest sent to BallyK as a curate and Father MacAnally the Priest in charge.

Father Clifford is a man who cares about his fellow man, who causes people to think, who isn't judgmental, who is encouraging, who chooses to do the right thing and who takes the time to build relationships. And through these relationships he helps people to make the right choices.

Father MacAnally on the other hand is a Priest who likes the power of his position and ordering people around.

The contrast between the two is marked and we can't help but like Father Clifford, all good shows have someone you like and someone you hate. But this show reminded us what we like and what we don't like in the church, and people in general. We like, we're drawn to someone who's more concerned about relationship rather than giving orders. When I speak of relationship I'm not speaking about building a relationship with Chris and I, but rather with the Originator of relationships.

God is a Triune God. He's very clear that He desires relationship. And like all relationships, building a relationship with Him requires time, effort and attention.

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