Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Racer X

If you haven't seen Speed Racer, I am about to give away a major part of the plot. You have my permission to miss this post if you have not yet seen the movie. OK, are you ready??? Racer X is Speeds older brother. Are you shocked. I know.... so was I.

I was sitting there thinking about the movie, about Racer X, as his alias watching the Grand Prix that Speed is just about to win. He sees the win before it happens, because he's seeing Speed in the groove, completely in sink with the Holy Spirit, doing the impossible, totally unstoppable. Blowing away  the competition. Leaving them in the dust or in small little pieces. In that moment, he is proud of his little brother. Proud because he sees that he has come into his own, that he is truly an artist behind the wheel, that he has made a difference simply by not giving in to the darkness that wants to control his world. I realized that Speed couldn't have done what he'd done if his brother hadn't made a sacrifice 10 years earlier. Without his brothers sacrifice the path that Speed was on wouldn't have been laid.

And that made me understand a concept that was first introduced to me by the Art of Hearing God - That what we do today, what we pour into people creates a way for them in the future. Put another way, our successes, and our failures, lay the groundwork for other people. Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding calls this concept living for a generation you will never see. Who are the people that have laid the ground work in your life? What groundwork are you laying for others to succeed?

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