Monday, January 4, 2010

What are you focusing on?

We watched My life in Ruins New Years eve. Cute movie and a great way to leave 2009. A line in the movie caught my ear: You are looking for obstacles rather than looking for magic.

That made me wonder "What am I looking at? Am I focused on why I can't do something or do I focus on the reality that I have the power to engage in something magical?" One of the great truths Chris and I learned in the first decade of the 21st Century is that what you focus on you attract. It could also be said that what you focus on is all that you see. And that's what was happening in the movie, Georgia was looking only at the superficial, focusing only on her life not being what she wanted it to be. She's blinded from seeing what she really wants because she's focused on what she thinks she wants. By the end of the movie, she realizes that being in Greece with the people and the history she loves, is what she really wants. She shed's the expectations she has picked up along the way, recognizes and embraces what is really important to her. In 2010 may you shed the expectations you have placed on yourself, and those others have placed on you and begin to live the "magical" life that you desire. And enjoy a little ice cream along the way....

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