Sunday, January 3, 2010

How deep are your roots?

I have previously written about a very prolific spider plant that I have, and the other plants that have come out of it. At Thanksgiving I gave away about 24 starts. A few days later we visited one of the recipients in their new home and I saw how her starts had taken. She'd placed then in a deep glass of water which had allowed nice long roots to form and grow. As I looked at them, I realized that the starts I had at home were in jelly jars that caused the roots to form in tight shallow knots. Looking at them I understood that I needed to move my starts to deeper glasses before I planted them. The picture above shows them in their new, temporary, homes. While they are ready to be planted in soil, I realized they need a longer root structure. Which got me thinking about my life... what areas have I crammed myself into too small of a place to allow deep and healthy growth. Growth that will sustain me when I move from my places of training.

What about you? Are your roots cramped?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me think! I can't think of anything right now, but I'll maybe write a blog posts on it shortly. I'm sure there is some place I've crammed myself into. :)