Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The sky is only just the beginning...

This week I read a quote by Steven Covey that got me thinking. He said:
Live out of your imagination, not your history.
This simple concept sent my thoughts dominioning, with the final thought being my future isn't defined by my past successes or mistakes. I can do something more than all the previous good stuff and the bad stuff that I have done or thought. Yes, both my previous successes and failures will influence my future, but they do not define my future.

Later in the week a friend sent me a message on Facebook that reminded to that God desires to bless us all BEYOND all that we ask or imagine. I've always liked that verse, not just because it reminds us that God desires to bless us BEYOND all that we can think or imagine, not just because I have the ability to imagine a lot, but because it is an invitation. We are being invited to dream big. To present before our Heavenly Father things that there is no way that we could possibly do without His help, without His unlimited resources. I love the story of David desiring to build a place on earth for the Glory of the Lord to rest. That hadn't been God's plan. But, it was David's deepest desire. And God, desiring to show His friend David how much he loved him, how much he valued his opinion, input and desires, said yes.

So what happens to the man that God says yes to? He co-labors with God to design the House of the Lord. He amasses all the materials needed to build the house. He forms relationships with those that have the resources needed. His son is chosen to carry on his work and to follow in his footsteps. And he makes history. Regardless of his past mistakes.

Are you living out of your imagination? Are you accepting God's challenge to challenge Him to do BEYOND all that you can think or dream of? I am.

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