Thursday, January 14, 2010

Are you full or empty???

A few days ago a friend shared a dream he has for our community; To help people, to encourage them and to bring about personal growth. Later in the day we were having a discussion and I realized that the greatest hindrance to his achieving this dream is... him. He is so fixed on being right, that he doesn't make room for anyone else's opinion or input.

A few days later I was listening in on a conversation where the three parties involved were discussing the same concept, but each one of them was so adamant that they were right they weren't able to hear the others. The conversation dissolved into a "I know more than you know" pissing match.

Monday, Chris and I saw Avatar. The Na'vi Chief makes the statement that other Dreamwalkers had come but they were so full that the Na'vi were prevented from pouring into them. He was saying that the scientist that came thought they had it all figured out. That they had all the answers and that the "savages" couldn't teach them anything.

The common thread I saw in all of these was that we tend to think we know best/all. I am guilty of it myself. I constantly have to remind myself that it's not all about me, that I have freely given up the right to be right. Because if I push to be right all the time, then I push away the very people I want to be around. The very people I want to help form and shape me. That's too high of a price tag for me.

I choose to not have to be right, to not have to know everything so that I can be in relationship with others. So that they can help form and shape me, and hopefully honor me by allowing me to add to who they are.

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