Saturday, January 30, 2010

I was listening to the sound track for Surf's Up today. It got me thinking about the plot line, that a guy doesn't believe he can do great things till someone else believes he can. Which got me thinking about the amazing people Chris and I have in our lives who encourage us and help us believe we can do all the amazing things that we dream of, and the things that we don't think that we can do. Which lead me to thinking about mentors. Yes, I know I wrote about this concept a few weeks back (here, here and here), but it's popping up again so I guess there's more to learn, more to share.

One of the concepts that I learned when I took The Art of Hearing God was that your floor is the ceiling of those who teach you. That the decision who will lead the herd in the next year is determined by where the Alaskan Elk eats in the Spring time. Preparation and input are everything. They will determine your results. So, the question is, when you are preparing, when you are learning something new, when you are sitting under a mentor, are you gonna settle for less than the absolute best, or are you gonna find the very best, learn all you can and then again look for the best to teach you?

We've decided, we're going for the best. And then we'll find the best and go for it again.

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