Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yesterdays weather-was-stay-inside-wrap-up-in-a-blanket-and-read-weather. It gets cold and damp here by the river. If we had a fireplace it would have been lit. I wasn't the only one who was missing the nice weather, Moo (formally known as Shammi, and less formally known as The Camel or The Black Muscle, among many other nicknames) couldn't go outside and play with her friend. So she had to make do with me. Note the pleading in her eyes...

While I sat and read, all the birdies that had been enjoying the nice weather as well, came back to feed. I really like the Goldfinches, they make me happy. Love the sound the Red-winged blackbirds make, like the brown hooded blackbirds but don't like the Bluejays, they chase everyone else off.

Today would be a repeat of yesterday, except I have appointments that will keep me out all day. But I am meeting a friend for Pho for lunch!

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