Tuesday, May 12, 2009


One of the few activities I had the energy for this weekend was going to church. We've been attending Overlake Christian Church during the Reel Theology series that has just ended. They took 4 of last years hottest movies and used them as a springboard. Chris and I have long espoused that movies are today's parables, and Mike and Gary used that theme as they taught. The movie I was most interested in hearing how it would be handled was Twilight. Mike tackled that one Sunday night, did a great job with it and pointed out a parallel that Chris and I hadn't seen before, the theme of community. That living in and being a part of a community helps you to keep on track. For the record, we agree with this principal. We have a core circle of friends we like to hang with and be "accountable" to. After the service, Chris pointed out to Mike that another theme in the movie is the parallel between how the vampires are responded to, and how we as Christians should also affect our culture. To paraphrase Edward just after taking Bella to his meadow, "everything about us is designed to attract". As Chris pointed out to Mike, when we enter a bar or other "dark" place, we are the "brightest" people in the room, and people are attracted to us, because of the light that shines from within us. This is the reason Chris and I have a standing date every Friday - at the local bar. We go so that we can be a light in a dark place and so that we can love on people. I love to see peoples response to us, they think they enjoy our company... but we know better.

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