Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer recap...

So I wasn't so good at keeping up the blog over the summer. A lot has happened, and the days flew by. In August we spent a week in Telluride with some dear friends of ours. The highlight was spending time with them, talking, cooking and just hanging out. We took the time to visit Mesa Verde, a place I've always wanted to go.

Chris and I have talked and planned and prayed over our current, and new business plans. More than once.

We reconnected with a couple we met several years ago, had calls from a friend serving in Iraq, and are now planning for both to visit in October. We're planning a get together so our friends can meet our guests. We're contemplating a trip to Alaska with the couple before November.

We've been accepted into the culture of several bars in Monroe and Duvall and have made some great friends. We hope to introduce them to some of our friends.

I entered 3 art shows, participated in the Monroe art walk and entered a photo contest. Chris has been busy researching cameras, he wants to replace what I have with something "better".

I took several classes, began ballet, made progress in editing the mechanical translation of Exodus, and signed up for Fall classes.

We've planned for the future, and dreamed dreams that we wouldn't have considered several years ago. We've grown closer as we've had to discuss business, and recommitted ourselves to each other that boom or bust we are still one.

We've struggled in some places and situations we find ourselves in, but yet are committed to staying till it's time to go, all the while asking what do we need to learn and how can we grow. We don't want to delay our progress.

We've redecorated, gotten carried away with Hero's (and took some friends with us!), gotten over the "puppy" phase with Moo, and learned how independent a dalmation is, and done a great deal of reading, both for business and pleasure.

All in all I am happy, no, content with where I am. Where we are. As I said in yesterday's post, I'm learning to "be". To live in the moment, to enjoy where I'm at, what I'm doing and the company I am with.

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