Saturday, September 27, 2008

My husband...

I was doing a bit of sprucing up today and a picture we framed this summer caught my eye.
It's an original my uncle painted, one of three "test" paintings before he finished the commission he was working on. He was given this large Native American Indian pot, but because it was cracked it wasn't considered valuable. The painting has a vignette scene of Native American life hidden in the pot. I love the piece because it speaks to me about the unfinished life we're living. The brokenness of the pot speaks to me as well - even though it's broken, it is still beautiful and can still contain and tell the story of life.

What struck me about this painting today was that it was only one of the pieces we framed this summer. Most of what we framed were my photography pieces. I remembered Chris' patience as I learned about matting and colors at the frame shop. How he took me to different places to find just the right frames and then how he helped me to frame each piece once we found all the components. As I straightened the picture I was reminded of his great love for me, shown in a 1000 different ways, but most particularly at that moment in the way he has supported me and encouraged me as I have begun delving deeper into photography.

But yet, that is not the full story. He has shown me that encouragement in many ways and in many areas. I have the confidence that I can go out and try something, and succeed or fail, because I know I have his unconditional love and support.

I hope that you experience this level of unconditional love and support.

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