Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And so it begins...

Work on installing the new geothermal heat pump began today. Seems like it's taken forever to begin the installation process. In late April we went to Pocahontas Arkansas where Chris attended a 2 day training school for Techs on how to install this new system. It really is trick, but don't ask me the particulars, I leave that to the resident expert. What's important to me is that 1. we'll have heat, our old heat pump began going out late last winter, and 2. it's more cost effective. We had friends that put in a similar system and their heating bills were cut in half and they had a consistent temp in the house. In addition, our water heater is now obsolete as the system heats the water without having to pay extra.

Moo and Moose had a blast in all the dirt and Moo loved supervising and herding people and big machines around.

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