Monday, September 8, 2008

A massage or a mac truck???

Somehow this went to drafts rather than posting... today you get a 2-fer. This was written Sept 8th...

Last Thursday I had a massage.

I went in ready for a nice relaxing, unwind, be pampered massage and came out relaxed, but a bit sore. It wasn't till the next morning that I realized just how sore I was. What was to have relaxed me ended up benching me. I had body flu like symptoms for 2 days and even today, 4 days later, can't breath through my nose and have very little voice. I've slept in hour long chunks, being woken by the pain or by a funny sound, which was me whimpering, moaning or making some other funny sound. And poor Chris! He has his sleep interrupted as well. I must say, I have several "nests" around the house where I have slept, depending on my breathing at the time. I have been reminded how pleasant it is to nap on the deck, listening to the wind move through the trees, the river ever so faintly in the background. I fall asleep quickly and deeply on the deck, only waking when I get too hot in the sun.

I can tell I'm getting better as my sense of humor, along with my energy, is returning. Lesson learned - be more specific requesting a fluff and buff vs a lymph draining massage!

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