Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heat wave!!!

The Seattle area is in the midst of a heat wave. On Tuesday we broke a record. The last time we hit the old record of 100 degrees was July 20, 1994, tying a record set in 1941. On that day in 1994 it was hotter in Seattle than in Las Vegas -- literally. Last night it was 105' in Duvall, at 5pm. Our heat builds through the day peaking in the early evening. We just don't get 100' heat. And we aren't prepared for it.

When we were in Redding CA a few weeks back, it got to 112', at 10 am and slowly cooled down through out the day. And everywhere had air conditioning. It was a dry heat so it wasn't nearly as bad. Here we have humidity.

As I was headed to town today I was reminded of our trip to Pocahontas AK last fall. There I experienced heat and humidity unlike I'd ever had before. The Mississippi was still 10' out of it's banks from the flooding that past winter. Did you know that the majority of the rice grown in America is the area around the Mississippi? I finally gave in and put on the AC as I drove. I'd been feeling an atmospheric tension build and the heat and humidity finally broke with a rain storm. Very cool. I sat at the open door of our motel room and watched the rain pound down. I think that is my favorite memory of that trip... other than the fact that Chris was training for the geo-thermal system we purchased, that is currently keeping our house at a lovely 75' while it's in the very high 90's outside.

I was brave and ventured out of my air conditioned house today to met a friend at the Snohomish river in Duvall. Spent an hour along the river. Loved the conversation and the company, but it took me several hours to cool down.

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