Monday, July 6, 2009

Catching up...

The end of June Chris and I took a trip to Redding CA. We attended the Kingdom Culture conference at Bethel church. Amazing place... amazing people. There were 34 States and 14 Countries represented at the conference.

This past week I've spent the time recovering and attempting to adjust to new realities and to live guided by faith and hope rather than by being overwhelmed by current circumstances and situations. To speak words of hope, words that speak of a future. To pray from a heart and a Spirit of Thanksgiving.

The first speaker, Steve Thompson, delivered a message called "Unqualified, But Successful". Loved that phrase. And the message. Very empowering. He offered a free (similar) message from Morning Star ministries. You can register for your copy at If you would like to order and watch the conference on line, you can order it here. Each session was worth the price.

As I said in yesterdays post, I've been updating my Flicker photostream. I hope you enjoy the new photos. Do visit my photostream and place it on slideshow, for some reason, the slideshow that pops up on the right only uses the pictures posted on my 1st page. Trust me there are many more pages!

This week I've got (way tooo much) housekeeping to catch up on. And we're watching my sisters dog while they travel back to Ohio to visit my dad and Virginia. Moo was scared by all the fireworks Sat eve. She was climbing the door or huddling next to us, and LuLu barked at everything. She's still barking at everything! And every leftover firecracker that goes off has Moo trying to morph through the door! We ended up having them both sleep in the same kennel because they were happier when they could be touching each other.

Hope your week is pleasant. May your business ventures go smoothly and be prosperous. May you be filled with creativity and love. May you enjoy cool breezes and time with family and friends.

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