Monday, July 20, 2009

Finding Mr Right

Reading Finding Mr. Right over at Tova Darling's blog, I was reminded about my own journey to "find" Mr. Right".

The day of my conversion, I had a long talk with Jesus. That day in itself is a whole 'nother story, what's important to this tale is that all I remembered only a few things: that yes I was to be married, that he would be older than me, be balding and comfortable in his baldness.

Me being the impatient 21 year old that I was, hopefully I have become more patient and no longer run ahead, I began looking for someone I knew that fit that description. I found him, married him, and 4 years later divorced him. Again, a whole 'nother story...

Moving back to Seattle, I wrote a 3 page, handwritten, single spaced list of what I wanted in a husband. I still have it somewhere... I'll have to find it to re-read it... The long story short - Chris met all but 2 of those requirements. One of which I knew wasn't what I really wanted but thought I needed to have to be happy. It turns out that not having it is what brought me freedom and happiness. And the other, God graciously gave me. I believe to prepare us for stuff yet to come.

Thinking back on that list, what I remember anyway, is that I was very determined not to repeat the mistakes of my first marriage. I knew that my future husband needed to love God. And I knew that I had to take 2nd place in his life, God comes first. I knew he had to love me, the good, the bad and the ugly. I knew he couldn't demand that I change, but rather that he encourage me to change to grow and to explore. I knew that we need to have a good open line of communication where nothing was off limits and everything was discussed calmly and thoroughly. I knew that he needed to be strong enough to handle my strong personality, yet tender enough to offer me shelter and protection.

Thinking back over the past 21 years was a good reminder today... It made me re-appreciate all that I have, all that we are working towards together, and simply remember how blessed I am.

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