Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I love seeing the hawks soar overhead, hawks look ungainly as they flap, and I am of the opinion that they were designed to soar.

As I drive home, there is often a red tailed hawk perched on an electrical pole. He sits there and looks majestic as he surveys his territory and looks for dinner. Sometimes during the day I'll see a hawk soaring with several smaller birds around it, the smaller birds pester the hawk by dive bombing it and trying to break it's rhythm of soaring. I can sense the frustration he feel feels when his rhythm is broken, the dive bombing is simply ignored, but the break in his soaring is an irritant. The interesting thing is that he doesn't retaliate by going after his attacker, he simply gives another downstroke and moves beyond the abilities of his attackers.

There are lessons to be learned from the hawks; ignore the nuisances and move beyond your attackers abilities. Don't give either the honor of being recognized or acknowledged. Your here to soar, so soar.

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