Friday, May 9, 2008


Finished Mosaic last night. It was a good read, more than that, a satisfying read. It's been too long since I have had a book that compelled me to read it in one sitting. I think the mark of a good book is that you are changed by reading it, like your changed by hearing the lyrics to a good song.

Amy's recollections made me stop and think about my own life. We're very different people, but we are both content with our lives, both the highs and the lows. Unlike some sectors of our society, Amy's life isn't preplanned for Superstar success, but rather rich with, family, friends, living and exploring this life that God has given. I desire no less, and that is most likely the most difficult part of leaving corporate America - to find, or rediscover my own unique rhythms. I know that I'll look back on this time as I look back at grade school; the formative years. But yet, right now I know I need to pass through this season, to learn new things, new rhythms. To be stretched in new ways. And ultimately, I will look back with contentment.

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I love it! ~krissy