Monday, August 31, 2009

Women, Powerful, Free and Happy!

Headed home from a women's conference. At one of the breakout sessions, this was our benediction. Be blessed!

Arise, Women, Arise! By Jen Sweet

Arise, Women, Arise!
It's time to step into your destinies!

It's time to stand tall
You are no longer held back!

The glass ceiling is SHATTERING!

Highly Favored Women of God, Arise!
Sing your songs
Paint your pictures
Create your creations

All of Heaven has waited for this time...
Your time!

It's time!
It's time!
It's time!

No more shackles!
We are free!
Free to shout
Free to dance
Free to preach
Free to teach
Free to love
Free to mother
We are free!

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom
He's inside of you, so you, mighty women of God are free!
And whom the King has set free are free indeed

It's time to run
It's time to be
It's time to do anything

Mighty Warrrioresses,
It's time to use your swords
And cut others free from their bonds

Stand up
Heal the sick
Raise the dead
Restore marriages
Mend the broken hearts
For nothing is impossible with God

Arise, Women, Arise
It's time to step into your destinies!

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Betsy said...

Well, now if that wasn't inspirational, I don't know what will get you motivated! LOL!