Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ben thinking about expectations lately... here's a couple of things that have crossed my mind:

Why does it feel like forever to get to where we're going? Because it's a process. In our culture, at least it's true for me, I have this assumption that my expectations will be met instantaneously. I sometimes forget that I have to grow into them. That I have to be changed by the striving for them so that I can handle them.

When I get there, what I thought would be... isn't. I'm thinking that this happens because I have changed as I have worked towards and refining my thinking along the way.

Realizing that I have to work for and towards my dreams. Not only does this prepare me for them, but it changes me as I grow.

So... I'm beginning to realize that my expectations need to be flexible. That as I grow, as I work towards, as I am changed by the process, I need to be flexible. If I have expectations that are carved in stone, when I arrive I will have outgrown them and then be disappointed by them. And at the same time, in a weird way, I will not have grown in every way I need to grow to enjoy them as well as to prepare me for my next expectations.

What do you think? Does being flexible have anything to do with enjoying our expectations?

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