Monday, December 21, 2009

This is my brain... a short tour of what has been passing through of late…

Much has been happening lately, some having to do with the Thanksgiving celebration, some having to do with the upcoming Christmas celebration. While I haven’t been blogging lately, a lot has been passing through my brain.

I’m reading several interesting books at the moment. I’m reading a biography of the band Coldplay. Very much enjoying it, and dipping my toe into their music. Like those of you who are more familiar with their music than I, Yellow has become a favorite. I’m a lyrics girl, but that isn’t what has captured my attention. It’s the sound. I love Chris Martin’s lead vocals and the transparency in his voice. And the riff plucked out by Jonny Buckland is memorable, haunting, soaring and grounding all at the same time.

I’ve been studying Isaiah 22:15-23 and am stunned that God would choose to use someone’s bad situation; the Israelite girl that has been captured in war, but granted much so favor in her mistresses life so that she can suggest that healing would be found in the Prophet who lives in Israel. And the guy, not just any guy, but the guy in charge of the Syrian war machine takes her advice and goes, bearing gifts from his king. And he is healed by God. Why? As “a testimony that God resides in Israel”. That blows my mind, but then I realized that this general almost misses out on his miracle because he is accustomed to being treated a certain way and expects that level of deference from Elisha. But Elisha sends a messenger with his instructions for his healing. The general is actually upset, and leaves. But is calmed down and persuaded by his servants to follow the directions of the Prophet. Once he lets go of his expectations, humbles himself and follows directions, he is healed and his life is changed. So that made me think, what have I missed out on because I had expected it to look a certain way or come at a certain time or from a specific person...

I’ve also been reacquainting myself with Ester and with David and their education in the courts of Persia and Israel. The protocol required to approach the king, or in David’s case, the respect he had for whom God had placed in authority over the land and the people, and how that respect guided him in not killing Saul when he had the chance while Saul was chasing David with the intent to kill him. I have been learning their lessons, and finding places they apply in my life.

And movies…
  • I’ve been thinking about the change in Tony Stark as he realizes there is more to life than living for your own pleasure (Ironman).
  • Seeing life, balance, joy and love come into a lonely, bitter, hard woman (The proposal). 
  • Hearing a new sound released on the earth that conveys so much more than we understand at the present moment (Close encounters of the third kind). 
  • Been reminded of our transforming abilities (Transformers and Revenge of the fallen), not just in ourselves but our affect on the situations, circumstances and people we interact with. 
  • Witnessing the unconventional choices that lead to victory and bond a group of green cadets into a highly respected team throughout the Federation (Star Trek). 
  • Understanding that the concept of an everlasting love is being released to a generation that didn’t have a way to understand the concept (The Twilght series).

  • Smiling and feeling free and light listening to Popcorn (the version recorded by Hot Butter).
  • Experiencing the unbound joy in the rendition of Joyful Joyful sung by the St Francis choir (Sister Act 2). 
  • Hearing Perry Como swing and encourage with Actuate the positive (Blast from the past).
  • The underdog champion theme that Rock and roll pt2 carries with it (The replacement players).
  • The sheer happiness of youth in Venus and Cruel summer (Bananarama). 
  • The breakthrough carried in Whip it (Devo) and Youth of the Nation (POD).

Of being with friends, old and new that pour into me and allow me to pour into them. Being changed by my interaction with them.

Joining my efforts to those of other like minded individuals and seeing the synergistic results come forth.

Hearing and seeing the Lord speak as He chooses to speak. Of choosing to spend my time in His presence. Being encouraged, and changed, in ways I see at that moment, and ways that are hidden from me, when I do.

What's been running through your brain???

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Anonymous said...

Love Coldplay. My favorites by them are Swallowed in the Sea and Fix You. Everytime I listen to Fix You, my emotions surface. Their sound is beyond amazing!