Thursday, December 17, 2009

Choices and changes…

Somehow I was recently introduced to the Hanna Montana song The climb. It’s from the Hanna Montana movie. I was impressed enough that I ordered the movie from the library. Last night I finally got around to watching it. I have to say I really enjoyed it, on many levels. The story is excellent, it has great values and great music. In short the story is about the choices that Milie/Hanna is making and the choices she needs to make to have the life that she wants.

This week Chris and I had the pleasure of seeing an old friend. He’s just made some decisions, some choices that will affect not just the near future, but also the rest of his life. The decision he needed to make was a difficult one to make but once it was made he walked with a lightness and a freedom that was a joy to see.

And that’s what it’s like when we make the right choice, the right decision. Everything is lighter. We no longer feel like we’re climbing uphill. We are filled with hope.

I enjoyed lunch with a friend who was unsettled about a course of action she had set herself on. She had no peace in the course of action she had decided upon. Once she understood that this decision was one she’d made on her own and would be doing in her own strength, she dropped the plan she’d made, and like my other friend, she began to walk in peace.

In the movie, Milie’s dad hijacks her out of the fast paced glamorous lifestyle of life as Hanna Montana and takes her back home to Tennessee to “detox” her from Hanna Montana. What do you need to detox from? What is causing you to spin in circles. To carry more than you need to, or should be carrying? What choices do you need to make to make your life reflect your highest dreams and expectations??? I’d love to hear…

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Anonymous said...

Recently, I have been needing to make a decision and it has made my life feel all uphill. I am going to make the right decision, and detox with my family over Christmas. A great post, thanks!