Thursday, November 12, 2009


Sitting watching the waves I began thinking of how we rely on each other and the talents and abilities that we each carry, and that when we do, unity and teamwork prevail.

I won't even try to expalin how I got here by watching waves But I will share where I went with that thought.
I love Sifi. Love action movies, but not blood and guts movies, and more often than not I have to stay away from stories based on real life events because I “tilt” But I love movies like the latest Star Trek, Ironman, both Fantastic Fours and both Transformers, just to name a few. What got me thinking about teamwork as I watched the waves was a scene from GI Joe. The Joe's have gotten over their attitude about Duke and Ripcord joining the team and they are beginning to work together. Each member has a specialty, a field they excel in. And as they work together they begin to trust and rely on each other.

That made me think about the people I've joined forces with, so to speak, to accomplish a common purpose. As we spend more time together, not only do we begin to rely on the others gifts, talents and abilities, but the glue that bonds us together seeps out and creates in us, trust.

Without that trust, we can't accomplish all that is on our hearts to do, we aren't nearly as strong, and we don't allow each person to function fully in their field of expertise.

In those relationships where you are working together for a common purpose, is there trust? If not, how can you change the atmosphere from distrust to one of trust?

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