Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring is here!

How do I know you may ask? I know not because the pear, flowering plum or cherry blossom trees are all blooming, or that the Hyacinth's, Daffodils or Tulips are all pushing out of the ground and turning their faces upwards. I know not because of the buds on the trees or the rains that are turning everything a lovely shade of green. It's not even because of the variety of birds visiting the bird feeder. I know it's Spring because our alarm clock is back.

Every year, like clock work, the Flickers begin to peck the down spouts on the house, at 7am. That may seem late to those that rise earlier, but working from home has changed my bedtime, and my getty up time. And being woken by a jackhammer at 7am is not my idea of the best sound to wake up to. So why is he pecking on the down spouts? He's looking for a mate. Apparently, the louder the sound he makes, the more appealing he is as a mate. Go figure. Before we got the new tractor he liked the exhaust pipe on the old tractor. Woke up the whole neighborhood with that that amplifier!

So, I know Spring is here because of the Flicker. Punxsutawney Phil has nothing on the Flickers announcement of Spring!!

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Anonymous said...

*L* Love this bird. He's very smart. If I were a woodpecker I'd be banging away on a soggy log, barely making a noise!