Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hope in Haiti

Friends of ours have been active in Haiti for many years. They had a regularly scheduled trip planned prior to the earthquake. They financially and physically support an orphanage in the  Haiti that is normally a 12 hour hike up the mountains. Because of the earthquake, the trip was delayed by the airlines until Feb. 20th, and when they arrive, they will not be able to go into the mountains to the orphanage but will instead be about an hour North of Port au Prince helping to rebuild the facility of a church they partner with and usually stay at when they arrive and depart from Haiti. Here is their description form their Facebook page:

HOPE in Haiti is dedicated to serving the children of Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
This non-profit organization based in Monroe, Washington planted its roots in 1987 with a desire in the hearts of Dick and Dixie Montgomery to share the love of Christ by taking their family to work with children in Haiti. After two years in an orphanage helping the poorest of the poor, the Montgomery family came back to the States ever changed, and carrying memories that would drive the creation of the child sponsorship program nearly two decades later.
This group is dedicated to spreading the awareness of what the Montgomery family has started. Please feel free to join this Facebook Group, and to learn more about HOPE in Haiti on their website at http://www.hopeinhaiti.com

So I'm posting this blog so that you will be aware of everyday, normal people who are making a big difference in a very quiet way, to a people group the World has just been exposed to. And they were there before the World saw a need. Feel free to friend them on Facebook. Follow their journey and get involved in whatever way touches your heart.

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