Friday, December 19, 2008

Our snow adventure

Since we got our first snow last Friday, we've left the house twice for short trips into town.

Yesterday we decided to go into town, but by the time we pulled ourselves together it was too late, so we set our sights on today. We headed out about 11am, and got no further than about 20' from the garage.

After about 30 minutes of pushing and rocking our way down the driveway, we were stuck. And this is after Chris had cleared it yesterday.
So, Chris started up the tractor again, but found that the gearing was frozen. After consulting with the tractor guys in town, and letting it run for an hour, we was able to get it moving, and then he pulled the car back to the turn around area, re cleared the driveway and I drove the car into the garage.
I think we'll stay home today...


Kay said...

Praise God all this happened in your DRIVEWAY!
I used to have a little Mazda GLC, front wheel drive, and I put {four) studded tires on it every winter and safely managed all the HILLS in Kitsap County.
With the winter forecast here - you might wanna do that if you haven't already!
Fond regards,

Nadine said...

Yvonne -

As a follower of my blog you were entered into my book giveaway. You won a copy of my new novel.

I will drop you an email also so I can have your address. I will be receiving my copies in about 2-3 weeks and will send it to you then.