Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Continuing on yesterdays thoughts...

Two very popular schools of thought today are the Secret and The law of attraction. These schools of thought teach the power of focus - what you focus on you will attract. Both teach biblical principles, but both leave God at the fringes rather than as the originator and sustainer of these laws. Like the law of gravity, you are affected by them wether you believe in the law itself or in the One who set the law in place.

In the mid 50's, Norman Vincent Peale wrote The power of positive thinking. In chapter 2, A peaceful mind generates power, he quotes a conversation he has with several gentlemen, one who complained about his poor nights sleep and the others restful, peaceful sleep. The rested man said:

"I don't go to bed with an ear full of trouble. I went to sleep with a mind full of peace." This gentleman was referring to his family's practice in his youth that he and his wife had recently begun; the practice of reading the bible together before bed.

Peale suggests emptying the mind of the negative, but filling that vacuum with creative and healthy thoughts, he includes scripture, visualization, and "suggestive articulation" as ways to gain a peaceful mind, and ultimately to achieve your goals.

So, if we attract what we're focused on the question this whole line of thought raises is what are you focused on?

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