Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just Do It.

I’m finding there is great freedom in just doing something. In accomplishing something. In checking something off on my “to do list”. But it took leaving corporate America for me to learn how to just do it, I should say begin to learn how to just do it. Yes I accomplished much while I was in corporate America, but that also meant I had to meet deadlines, had to answer to someone else’s sense of importance, someone else’s rhythms. Have I figured it all out? No. Will I stumble and make mistakes, even fail? Maybe. But I’m learning, again and yet in a new way what it means to keep moving forward.

The view from my office:

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Rich Brimer said...

Your first post now has its first comment. Firstly, as the first post, this wonderful, serene photo reminds me of the first time I visited this room and saw this exact view. That was a few full-moons ago and a lot of river water has gone to the sea past your shore since that Sunday afternoon long ago.

I am very glad that you are sharing. No more pressures from the corporate structure, but you will find that you are sometimes compelled to share, write, muse here and grow your heart before a world of cynics, poets and troubadours. Welcome or our world.